Dream Noir

There are presently no open calls for submissions.


Dream Noir is a vortex for all the appreciation art has to offer. This platform was founded in 2018 to promote artistic expression. Enhancing the creativity of artists of all types, especially, marginalized voices. Though we’d prefer unpublished work, we’re willing to reconsider; just let us know where it was published beforehand. 

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but withdraw them if placed elsewhere. We’re looking for you to tell us the ways in which love comes to you, how you have survived your hurt, the truths buried beneath earth’s secrets, beauty of the world, the confusion, the terrors that keep you up, and the reality of your life. Dream Noir wants pieces that will blow us away.

Safe Space

This magazine contains projects by many talents, but we are dedicated to ethics above all else. Despite our differences in experience and opinions, this publication will not support hate speech, plagiarizers, abusers and their enablers, or excessive violence. 

If a contributor or their craft has demonstrated such, their work will be removed.

General Guidelines 

  • Did you already submit to a certain category? Wait three months before re-submitting again.
  • Please wait six months before sending in another piece if you received an acceptance letter from Dream Noir.
  • Due to heavy volume, we ask that you wait three months or less to hear a response regarding your submission. 
Dream Noir