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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

See you back in the Fall 2019

Dream Noir is a vortex for all the appreciation art has to offer; created in 2018 by Day Sibley to give a platform for various craftsmanship of words, thoughts, and visuals. With that, this magazine is looking for the in-depth authenticity of what the artist can create by dishing out their thoughts and feelings.

Our team is looking for a diverse spectrum of op-eds, prose, short fiction, art, poetry, and more! We want pieces that will knock us to our feet — in the right way. This magazine is for those who are emerging or established as a writer/artist.

Although we’d prefer unpublished work, we’re willing to reconsider publishing it, but let us know where it was published beforehand. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just withdraw it if placed elsewhere.

The subject can be in any form, style, or genre. All we ask is for polished work. Since this is a non-profit journal, no, we will not be able to pay the writers/artist. Also, you, as the submitter retain the copyrights of your work; Dream Noir doesn't. 

Please be aware that our board tries to respond to submissions asap, but if you don't hear back within three months of submitting your piece feel free to ask about it. If you happen to get your work accepted from us we will let you know when your work is posted, so no need to inquire about that. 

Requirements for submissions:
  • Left hand margin
  • Size 12 with a Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri font.
  • Send one at a time individually in a separate doc file
  • Please make sure your cover letter and short bio is updated and ready to go.

  • Dream noir will not publish anything discriminatory towards anyone's race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, sex, nation (country), class, orientation, physicality etc. or anything of that nature!!!
  •  Failure to comply with the new guidelines will result in an automatic rejection.
  • We do not take plagiarizing lightly. If it is brought to our attention that your piece might be, our team will do a full investigation. If it turns out that it is, we will immediately take it down from the website. You won't be allowed to send us any work ever again.

For more information please visit our website at: 

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Dream Noir